Fear and Courage

I talked with a few people about fear this week. One important thing about fear to keep in mind is this: Fear has its greatest power when you believe you are actually feeling a situation or even a potential situation (a future situation). This creates a justification for your fear, and often, a seemingly insurmountable external foe.

But remember, we never actually feel situations. We feel our thoughts about situations. Fear is just our own experience of our thoughts, not a condition the world forces upon us. There are no external battles that force us to fear them. It seems that way, but the fear always resides only within. This is normal, and not to be further feared. When you realize the true source of fear is thought, you will come to see fear for what it truly is: A fleeting condition.

Another useful thing to remember about fear is that you won’t find comfort in outside conditions. Just as fear resides inside you, so does comfort. So if you are searching for outward signs that the time is right to take your risk, you won’t find any. You might think you have found comfort for a time, but before you act, your mood will change and the fear will return no matter what you are looking at outside.

If you seek true lasting comfort and courage over fear, look within yourself. There are no external battles to win. The goal is internal and within reach.

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