A Sunday Wish for You

I apologize for not writing much lately. I think that will change very shortly. Between not having much new to say and much going on personally, I just haven’t written. Here is a short post about my current awareness. Hope you enjoy.

My Sunday wish for you. Too often I’ve focused on achievement and the elusive and undefined “success.” I’ve sought outcomes and achievements, and believes I was failing when they didn’t come my way. Over the past few years I’ve been waking up to a different way of living, and that is paying off in ways I certainly never imagined. Ways I never wanted to be true. Instead of patting myself on the back for my achievements and control over the elements of the world, I’ve realized that we don’t control a thing.

Control is a compelling illusion we fall for often, but make no mistake. It’s an illusion. And yet control being an illusion does not render us powerless. We are powerful beyond our wildest imagination if we just severe our ties with outcomes and achievements in favor of connecting to the moment at hand. We rise above the matter and matters of this world when we realize they have no restraining power over our spirit. We think, feel, and do what we can in each moment, and whether we are aware of it or not, what we CAN DO is dictated by immeasurable forces we can’t even fully understand let alone control. This much is clear lately.

And in the midst of a storm of influences I cannot control, today I feel more empowered than I ever have. Mental toughness and confidence can arise in a moment completely independent of the circumstances that surround us. My Sunday wish is for you to understand the same and feel the gratitude, awe, and love that I feel today. I hope you and yours have a great day.

Peace and love. JW

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