Influencing Others


When we understand that mind over matter is not a power struggle we must engage in, that it isn’t a cage fight we have to win in order to be victorious, then we can live with exceptional clarity and strive toward optimistic thoughts and positive feelings without feeling anchored and restrained by the world around us. This is true freedom, and with freedom comes possibility.

But negative thoughts and emotions are completely normal and happen for good reasons. They happen to all of us. They shouldn’t be feared or avoided, and the person feeling them isn’t broken.

If you want to try to change someone’s thoughts or feelings, it pays to remember that you do not have that power. Their mind over matter existence isn’t a power struggle one of you will win by force. It’s a fact of the human condition. They can resist you. The more they are dug into their position, the more they can resist.

Of course, they are not necessarily going to be completely aware of their mind over matter existence at the moment. They may very well blame you for their thoughts and feelings, and if you show them anger, fear, and irritation, they are only going to respond by believing that you caused their anger, fear, and irritation.

All you have the power to do in any situation is provide a reminder. So if you are trying to get someone to understand your point, you need to point in the direction you want them to go. You won’t be able to anger an angry person into a loving state. Only pointing in the direction of love will do that. You wont be able to urge someone into patience. Only showing patience will encourage patience.

I’m not suggesting that everyone go around smiling, whistling, and skipping all day. As I noted above, negative feelings aren’t abnormal, and the less we engage them in battle, the less fuel they will have to burn hotter.

What I am suggesting is that we live mind over matter, but we don’t always remember it. If you want to influence others, you must point in the right direction.

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