Reactions and Possibilities


I think one of the difficulties people have in believing our mind over matter existence is that we all have certain consistent reactions. So it’s natural to think, “Well, I always react with anger to (insert a situation), so it must make me mad.”

We all have these reactions. What we fail to realize is that whether the reaction is based on a belief (a matter or situation) or even a fact of our biology (such as the wiring of the gray matter of our brains), it is changeable.

Some change can be relatively slow. For example, some brain-body connections can take weeks, months, or years to change significantly. But other change can be extremely fast. For example, we can have insights or epiphanies that change our world views in an instant.

What seems to matter most isn’t the speed of change possible but rather the belief that change is possible. Your current reaction isn’t wrong, but it is supported by a specific set of beliefs and or neurological hardware, all of which are capable of changing. If you believe no change is possible, you won’t look for different paths. In essence, this is cutting off the only avenue you have for true, lasting change: Your path.

If you want change, believe in it. Understand and trust the possibilities, even when you can’t see the path to change in this moment. Keep moving and remember that you aren’t seeking a destination. The journey doesn’t end. The path is the way.

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