Loving the Game


Variety can be a good thing, but to be at our best, it’s probably best to stick with what we really love to do.

Psychologically, love is the one emotion we tend not to analyze, blame, or judge. We simply experience it. We just flow with it. Because we aren’t analyzing, blaming, or judging, which all require active thinking, we are capable of connecting in a deeper way than active thinking allows.

This deeper level of connection feels automatic, responsive, and effortless. Rather than feeling like it drains energy required for performance, it feels like it fuels energy for performance. And as you might recall from earlier, excellent performance is driven by trust in these deep, automatic responses.

This is why so many mental game experts recommend being present, staying in the present, or staying in the moment. They understand that analyzing, blaming, and judging require thinking about the past or future, which disconnects the athlete from flowing in the present moment. This is why this state is often referred to as flow.

One solution to connecting to the present is to engage in mental skills or strategies. All too often, the mental strategy further disconnects the athlete from the present moment. There is no skill or strategy to staying in the game or practice. Skills and strategies will likely have the effect of further disconnecting you from the present moment in the game or practice.

Being present is all about connecting, and love is a connector. When you find yourself disconnected from the present, simply try to connect to the plays available to you. If you are doing something you enjoy, something that you love to do, the love will show up. When you perform activities with the understanding that love is a projection from within you, more and more you will begin to love the opportunities and possibilities available right now. Get after it.

When you love what you do, your natural brilliance is at its peak, and plays to be made will appear everywhere. With a heart full of love, you will be filled with energy to make the plays of your life.

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