My Power


My power is out. Not just mine, but the power of about a million people in Michigan. To me, it’s been a great reminder of making the play.

First, I always think of the limits of my control when the power is out. For example, I could no longer charge my phone at night. Because I use my phone as an alarm and I don’t control the battery on my phone (I influence it by plugging it into the way outlet, a power source I also clearly don’t control), I was giving up some influence over waking up on time (which I also don’t control, which is why I influence it with my phone alarm).

Thankfully, my alarm went off perfectly, but then my phone shut off completely a minute later (with 35% indicator on the battery). Another reminder that I don’t control the phone and have limited influence over it. I got my daughter to school safely, thankfully so many things out of my control on that drive worked out perfectly in our favor. The truck worked, and everyone passing me, in front of me, and behind obeyed traffic laws adequately. I felt thankful for that.

But then I realized I forgot my work bag. It was off my mind when I left the house. So I was reminded of my limited memory capacity, which didn’t feel great. But thankfully, I understand I can have a good day anyway. My bag and power don’t control me, even if I do not always feel great about losing them momentarily.

Then I realized I couldn’t log on and send a post yet. I had one ready to go. Doing it 24 hours ago was within my influence, but I chose not to do it then. So I took an L (loss) on that one for the moment, but I moved on knowing I had another chance to make the play later.

Finally, as I got to work bagless and post-less but feeling good because wife, child, and myself are all safe, I thought about the folks risking their safety to restore our power. Then I thought about a friend having surgery today. It felt awkward at best to be so powerless over their fates, yet I trust they are in good hands.

So I sent quick general messages wishing safety to all folks working on restoring electricity, and I sent love and well wishes to my friend and her family. And now I’m getting to work doing what else I can today, making the plays available to me.

I have no control, yet I have tremendous power.

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