Sinners Like Me

On the day I die, I know where I’m gonna go, Me and Jesus got that part worked out, I’ll wait at the gate ’till his face I see, And stand in a long line of sinners like me, I’ll stand in a long line of sinners like me, I come from a long line of sinners like me, Here’s to a long line of sinner like me, I come from a long line of sinners like me.

From the song Sinners Like Me, Writers: Eric Church, Jeremy Spillman

Tonight I am going to the Eric Church concert. Love EC. My beautiful wife bought us tickets for Christmas. It’s a perfect gift because it is something I will enjoy immensely yet probably wouldn’t go out and buy myself.

So in honor of EC’s music and an important topic, imperfection, I want to tip my hat and give a nod to his song Sinners Like Me. If you ask anyone who knows me, admitting faults hasn’t historically been one of my strong suits. The earlier you met me, the more this was true. The closer you are to me, the more you know it’s true.

I love the quoted line from his song, not necessarily because I agree with his version of judgment day (I have no clue what happens, and I wouldn’t preach to you about that one way or another), but because it paints us all as equals. We all have faults. We all have talents. We do the best we know how to do at the moment, and nobody is perfect. We are perfectly equal in our imperfections, and I think we get along better when we admit it.

I for one need to remember my imperfections. More and more, when I am tempted to be critical, I need to shrug it off and admit, “You know, I make mistakes too.” Humility is a good thing.

I thank my wife, not only for the EC tickets, but for reminding me of my imperfection at times. I like to think I deserve both.

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