Be a Playmaker

Every moment presents a play to made, an opportunity to be seized. The best playmakers understand that no matter how favorable or unfavorable the situation appears, it is full of wide open potential, and in this invitation to possibility, the playmaker uses the energy from the fire inside her to do what she can to influence the world in front of her.

Every activity has its own plays to be made. You make them or you miss them. When you miss a play, understand that new plays exist every moment of your life. Get after making another play.

In a battle that is weighed on a scoreboard, it sometimes seems as if games are determined by three or four plays or even the last play of the game of the game, but all plays matter. Not all plays change the scoreboard, but all of them have the same potential. Each moment of the game is an opportunity to make a play that tips the balance of the scales. Each play is essential to the game as a whole.

That same potential exists in life too, not just in games with a scoreboard. Greatness isn’t always about changing a score. Greatness is about realizing the importance of each moment and using the fire inside to make a play right now.

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