Be Alive

In order to make plays, it helps to trust that you are a bright, shining, brilliant being who is capable of doing great things big and small, and when you let your light shine, you can serve as a reminder to others that they too have the light of life within them.

Be alive with the energy and enthusiasm of life and make plays! Whatever it is you have to do, do it. Whatever it is you desire to do, get after it. You are a living, breathing, blood pumping, thinking, feeling human, so get moving! Use your influence. Connect and communicate with others. Pursue the life you want to live. Make plays! And when you miss a play, let it go with the understanding that this moment is always filled with more opportunities to make another play.

The more you connect to others and your craft, the more your eyes will be awake to the possible plays in each moment, and the more you will be involved in making those plays. The more you make plays and bounce back from missing plays, the more aware you will be that you need not be in control to have a strong trust in your own influence. You can rise about the situation and make plays no matter what the circumstances.

Be aware, be awake, and be alive. Exercise those keys in any order, and making the play will become your way of life.

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