Be Awake

In order to make plays, be awake to possibilities that exist for you in each and every moment. No matter what your reality seems to be at the moment, be awake to the fact that other possibilities exist.

Being aware of illusions of control will help you be awake to possibilities because no matter what or who it seems is in control at the moment, you will have influence if you can just be awake to one other possibility. And one other possibility is always available with just a simple shift in perspective. Your thoughts create your experience of the world, so a new world is only a thought away.

At worst, your understanding will be open to a search for new possibilities even if you can’t grasp the one you want in the moment. If you can’t access this thought at the moment, relax. It’s normal to be stuck. Understand and trust that being stuck won’t last and simply be open to other possibilities available to you in the moment.

At best, you will clearly see one or more plays to be made, plays you can act on in the moment. Be alive and make those plays. If you miss a play, make the next one. Multiple plays are available every single moment of your life.

I understand that when things are going your way, there’s a temptation to believe you are in total control of what’s going on, but nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that there are countless factors you don’t control that are aligned in your favoring, allowing you to execute your influence and have a perception of control. What a beautiful thing it is to trust that things will go your way despite your lack of control! When you truly understand and trust this, even simple little plays and situations will seem like miracles, and you will be filled with a gratitude, energy, and enthusiasm you’ve rarely if ever experienced before.

And with that gratitude, energy, and enthusiasm, you can get after it, be brilliant, shine the light of life, and make plays!

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