Keys to Making the Play

Keys to Consistently Making the Play…

I mentioned in a previous post (Making the Play) that there are no absolute musts to making the play, but if you want to make plays consistently, there are certain keys that you should understand and follow as often as possible. This is a quick overview of those keys. Each one will be the subject of subsequent blog posts.

The Keys: Be Aware. Be Awake. Be Alive.

Be Aware

In order to make plays, it helps to be grounded in an accurate understanding of reality.

Be aware of illusions of control. While perceptions of control are real, true control is an illusion. Anything you believe you control is temporary at best. Too many people become frustrated and confused when they confront their lack of control, and this blocks their ability to make plays in the moment.

Belief in control always requires conditions and limits, and ultimately it is disappointing and confusing.

The antidote to the illusion of control is trust. Trust that even when you momentarily lose focus, effort, attitude, or peak physical performance, you are still capable of using your influence to make plays.

Trust in the power of your influence only requires possibility, and ultimately breeds clarity and freedom.

Be Awake 
In order to make plays, it helps to see that you are surrounded by plays to be made each and every second of your life.

Be awake to possibilities that exist for you in each and every moment. No matter what your reality seems to be at the moment, be awake to the fact that other possibilities exist.

Being aware of illusions of control will help you be awake to possibilities because no matter what or who it seems is in control at the moment, you will have influence if you can just be awake to one other possibility. And one other possibility is always available with just a simple shift in perspective. Your thoughts create your experience of the world, so a new world is only a thought away.

Be Alive

In order to make plays, In order to make plays, it helps to trust that you are a bright, shining, brilliant being who is capable of doing great things big and small.

Be alive with the energy and enthusiasm of life and make plays! Whatever it is you have to do, do it. Whatever it is you desire to do, get after it. You are a living, breathing, blood pumping, thinking, feeling human, so get moving! Use your influence. Connect and communicate with others. Pursue the life you want to live. Make plays! And when you miss a play, let it go with the understanding that this moment is always filled with more opportunities to make another play.

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